0.9.3 - 11/25/19

0.9.2 - 5/7/19

  • Fixed extraneous print statements

0.9.1 - 4/24/19

  • Fixed regression in tachomotor position/rotation setting

0.9 - 4/5/19

0.8.2 - 4/3/19

  • Added support for Boost external motors (ExternalMotor)
  • Added positioning commands for External and Internal motors:
    • set_pos() to set an absolute position in degrees on a clock-face
    • rotate() to rotate a relative number of degrees

0.8.1 - 4/2/19

  • Quick fix for GH Issue 3. When instantiating a hub, use arg ble_id with either a UUID (mac) or BLE Network Address (Linux/Win) string

0.8 - 4/1/19

  • Added support for PoweredUp light module 88005 and Win10 (thanks to @dlech)

0.7.2 - 3/26/19

  • Added support for current and voltage sensors
  • Fixed bug with hub buttons

0.7.1 - 3/25/19

  • Rewrote message parsing structure to be more modular
    • Each message is separated out into its own class
    • State is now stored only in the dispatch and the hub, and not the message parsing
    • Peripheral value update is now handled safely as messages on the UniversalQueue going to the hub

0.7 - 3/22/19

  • Changed hub matching to be more robust
    • Since the name can change, we now use the manufacturer data instead to match hubs
    • Tested using both Mac (adafruit) and Linux (bleak) libraries

0.6 - 3/21/19

  • Added support for Duplo trains
    • Motor speed control and sensing
    • LED color
    • Vision sensor
    • Speaker sounds

v0.5.1 - 3/21/19

  • Hotfix for issue with UUID

v0.5.0 - 3/18/19

  • Fixed connecting to specific BTLE adapters based on network address

v0.4.0 - 2/28/19

  • Added linux support with Bleak (and possibly Win10). Tested on RPi

v0.3.0 - 2/26/19

  • Changed name to BrickNil

v0.2.0 - 2/23/19

  • Added support for PoweredUp Remote

v0.1.0 - 2/18/19

  • First release

Todo list

High-level todos:

  • Add py.test (this is difficult because of async coroutines. need to figure out how to mock)
  • Look into internal accel/decel profiles for the internal motors in the Boost Hub (since these have tacho/speed sensors)
  • Document the system architecture
  • Add in cleaner exit and hub shutdown code
  • Add support for Wedo hubs
  • Add ability to specify range of values when specifying capabilities (so we can handle negative numbers from sensor)

Specific todo items:


  • This needs to be cleaned up to get rid of all the hacks for different OS and libraries

(The original entry is located in /Users/virantha/dev/bricknil/bricknil/ of bricknil.ble_queue.BLEventQ.connect, line 4.)


  • The message parsers need to handle detaching of peripherals

(The original entry is located in /Users/virantha/dev/bricknil/bricknil/ of bricknil.message_dispatch, line 7.)